Rainbow Six Siege is going to start doing evil things to mouse and keyboard players on console

As a humble, yeoman, single player FPSer, I can never tell whether gamepad or mouse and keyboard is supposed to be the good one that cheaters use. Overwatch (opens in new tab) and Apex (opens in new tab) players all seemed broken up about aim assist and the reviled controller users, while Amazon listings for abominations like the HORI Tactical Assault Commander (opens in new tab) stand in mute testimony of mankind’s misguided attempts to bring M&K to console shooters.

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Rainbow Six Siege, with its slow movement and fast time to kill, seems to favor the precision offered by M&K, leading underhanded players to “input spoof” with latter-day Tactical Assault Commander-style setups. They lorded over their gamepad-bound victims with the godly aiming potential we’ve come to know and love on PC.

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