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Tilting Point has published Oregon Trail: Boom Town, in collaboration with HarperCollins Productions and developer Enixian.

Since its initial release in 1971, The Oregon Trail has become a legend in the games industry, and the most widely distributed educational franchise of all time with more than 65 million units sold. The text-based adventure puts players in the role of a wagon leader leading a group of settlers from Independence, Missouri to Oregon City, Oregon in the 1800’s, with the hopes of finding their fortune.

The new game, Boom Town, tells another side of the story, with players working to turn Independence from a small frontier town into a bustling town, while equipping pioneers with the tools they need to survive on their treacherous journeys west, watching their progress and helping them survive along the way.

“The Oregon Trail has entertained generations of fans, and we’re incredibly thrilled to partner with Enixian and HarperCollins Productions to bring a new twist to this classic game,” said Tilting Point CEO and founder Kevin Segalla.

Brave new worlds

Boom Town replaces the text-based gameplay of previous games in the franchise with a town building mode, featuring new storylines and familiar locations as players shift focus on creating a thriving community and farming supplies to provide to settlers. Players can also participate in weekly and seasonal events and collaborate with others on special challenges, bringing a greater multiplayer aspect to the franchise. However, all the groups working on the title are no doubt hoping to leverage the success of the franchise into a new hit.

“The Oregon Trail has captivated many millions of fans for decades,” said HarperCollins Productions’ Caroline Fraser. “We hope players are immediately hooked by this brand-new way to play a game they love.”

We listed Tilting Point as one of the top 50 mobile game makers of 2022.


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