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Join over 21 million players in the award-winning online multiplayer RPG and experience limitless adventure in a persistent Elder Scrolls world. Battle, craft, steal, or explore, and combine different types of equipment and abilities to create your own style of play. No game subscription required.

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What’s new with The Elder Scrolls Online

Game features

A guild of six adventurers display their banners.

Begin your adventure

Chaos reigns over Tamriel during the Second Era. The Imperial Throne sits empty as ancient enemies band together to bring ruin to the mortal world. Take up arms and fight for Tamriel’s salvation.

A reptilian magician stands in a swamp of gargantuan mushrooms under a moonlit sky.

Play the way you like

No matter your playstyle, you can create a character that’s distinctly you and journey across an ever-expanding world – from Morrowind to Skyrim to Oblivion.

A demonic monster howls in the mists.

Tell your own story

Discover the secrets of Tamriel as you set off to regain your lost soul and save the world from Oblivion. Explore iconic locations within an ever-growing Elder Scrolls universe.

Three adventurers, standing back to back, fend off a group of attackers.

Play alone or with friends

Complete quests solo or with friends, join fellow adventurers to explore dangerous, monster-filled dungeons, or take part in epic PvP battles with hundreds of other players.

Game details

Experience an ever-expanding story across all of Tamriel in The Elder Scrolls Online, an award-winning fantasy RPG. Explore a rich, living world with friends or embark upon a solo adventure.

  • Ultimate freedom—Create your ultimate RPG character, play solo or adventure with friends, and determine your fate in an ever-expanding world. With no level restrictions, go anywhere at any time in a truly open world.
  • Choose your adventure—Begin your adventure where you like: emerge from Coldharbour in the Base Game, battle Dragons in the Elsweyr Chapter, or get ready to face the Prince of Destruction, Mehrunes Dagon, in Blackwood. All content is accessible for new players, and you can switch adventures whenever you like.
  • Console Enhanced—Play natively on Xbox Series X|S to greatly improve the game’s visual fidelity and performance. All new ESO players can access Console Enhanced immediately upon purchasing, and for existing customers, it is available as a free upgrade.

Additional information

Rating Pending

  • May contain content inappropriate for children. Visit for rating information.


Bethesda Softworks


ZeniMax Online Studios


Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing


Xbox Series X|S
Xbox One

Release date

June 5, 2017

The Elder Scrolls Online Collection: Necrom

Traverse the Telvanni Peninsula in Morrowind and preserve secrets ascribed to deathless realms of Apocrypha. Unlock the runic power of a brand-new class – the Arcanist – and fight to uphold reality itself.

The Collection: Necrom contains the base game, Necrom and all previous Chapters.

The Elder Scrolls Online Deluxe Collection: Necrom

Traverse the Telvanni Peninsula in Morrowind and preserve secrets ascribed to deathless realms of Apocrypha. Unlock the runic power of a brand-new class – the Arcanist – and fight to uphold reality itself.

The Deluxe Collection: Necrom contains the base game, Necrom, all previous Chapters plus Deluxe in-game items.

Ultimate Edition

Included with Game Pass

Play The Elder Scrolls Online and hundreds of high-quality games for one low monthly price with Game Pass.

ESO Plus

ESO Plus™ is our premium membership service. Members receive increased experience, faster crafting progression, and bonus gold along with access to all available DLC Game Packs, exclusive items and deals, and a monthly allotment of 1650 Crowns. ESO Plus is the best way to see everything ESO has to offer!

The Elder Scrolls Online add-ons

Xbox Series X and S consoles on a grey and white background

Elevate your game

Detail view of Xbox Design Lab

Detail view of Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 – Core (White)

Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 – Core (White)

Detail view of Xbox Rechargeable Battery + USB-C

Xbox Rechargeable Battery + USB-C

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