Xbox Game Pass In 2023: The Full List Of Everything Announced So Far

Xbox Game Pass In 2023: The Full List Of Everything Announced So Far

@Chaudy I dont need Starfield to be out for me to know its basically Creation Engine Game 2023.

Since the release of Oblivion (hell you could say since Morrowind but that is a rough one to go back to,) I have not played a Creation Engine game that I didn’t simply love and sunk ridiculous hours into. The setting is irrelevant to me. Todd would have to do some insane intentional sabotage to the engine and formula for me to not end up playing the game more than anything else (outside a dedicated MMO.)

The game can launch as buggy as any other Creation Engine game, and run at 10fps at times, you can bet I personally will play the hell out of it. Then I’ll put it down, and a year later, I’ll grab it again and play it again, repeat continuously, just as I am doing right now with Skyrim yet again, and plan to do with Fallout 4 later on.

(Edit: minor correction, Fallout 76 is a Creation Engine game I did not give a [bleep] about, and is also an example of insane intentional sabotage that I am sure wont be repeated.)

As for your statement about Playstation first players, we got quite a few in these comment sections that have bought XBox Series S consoles specifically for Game Pass and first party games. Many are vocally quite disappointed given most those first party games keep not arriving, but they are proof that yes, Game Pass and day one first party games are moving the needle, even if its as a second-console basis.

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