Heroes Of Forever Is An Arcade Cover-Shooter Coming To PSVR 2 In 2024

Lucky Mountain Games has lifted the wraps off PSVR 2 first-person shooter Heroes of Forever, which is due to launch in 2024.

Players follow an agent working for the Time Enforcement Command (TEC), which specialises in maintaining the order of the multiverse, and must confront a corruption that threatens space and time. As such, you’ll be hopping through dimensions and timelines to thwart these crises from irrevocably altering history by doing what you do best — blasting enemies.

Heroes of Forever plucks inspiration from light gun games and cover shooters from the 1990s, and sprinkles it with a pinch of narrative design and style of classic action movies. One of the goals of the studio is to evoke nostalgia throughout the journey, with the PSVR 2’s 3D audio allowing for immersive soundscapes that “transcend familiarity.” The retro-inspired scenery is also enhanced through the use of dynamic lighting that enhances the low-poly visual style.

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Similarly, PS VR2’s haptics allowed us to adjust the feedback for all the weapons you will encounter in Heroes of Forever, meaning they each have a weight and kickback corresponding to their appearance. This was crucial for us regarding level design, as the player starts each level with a unique, mission-appropriate weapon – and a corresponding host body, of course.

Heroes Of Forever is due out on PSVR 2 at some point in 2024.

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