Immersive sim Consortium delisted to make way for a remaster, free to owners of the original

In his deep dive on the history of the best immersive sims, Rick Lane called 2014’s Consortium “a dynamic murder mystery that takes place inside a giant military plane” that was “rather rough around the edges”. Some of those edges are about to be sanded smooth, with indie developer Interdimensional Games announcing via Steam blog post (opens in new tab) that it’s developing Consortium Remastered.

“The original Source Engine build of CONSORTIUM has now officially been retired”, Interdimensional Games wrote, before explaining the beta of Consortium Remastered is available to anyone who obtained the original before it was delisted. Here’s how to access it in Steam:

  • 1) Right click on CONSORTIUM 2014 and click “Properties”
  • 2) Click on Betas
  • 3) Enter the following password into the field: 4Owners0fCons0rtium0nly

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