Kill monstrous hordes until you can delete magic forever in tactics RPG The Last Spell

So, as we all knew they would, wizards broke the world and now there’s purple hell mist filled with monsters that come for us each night. To fix this, they’re making the wizards do a spell that deletes magic from existence forever. Now you just have to keep them alive for the days of uninterrupted casting it’ll take to pull it off.

That’s the metal as hell setup for The Last Spell, a tactical RPG roguelite that has you in control of an all-too-small band of heroes whose job it is to defend a crumbling city and its mages against the onrushing hordes of mutants, demons, zombies, and demon zombie mutants. Every day you spend resources to build up the town and level up your heroes, while every night you fight off a horde of monsters to the last gasp. When you lose, well, you’ve earned upgrades for next time.

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