Medieval Dynasty Is Now Available For PS4, Features Survival & City-Building In An Open World Middle Ages Setting

Render Cube and Toplitz Productions have released Medieval Dynasty on PS4, offering an open-world Middle Ages setting packed with survival, roleplaying, city-building and more.

Medical Dynasty features a ‘beautiful and realistic’ open-world setting completed by a day/night cycle spanning four seasons and multiple weather conditions, plus realistic wildlife and over 60 pieces of equipment to craft. Meanwhile, players will be able to tailor their character to their liking with a detailed skill tree, while the Dynasty reputation system will trigger events with the king throughout your journey.

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Toplitz Productions’ Business Development head Stephan Berger, commented:

We are very pleased that the competent team at Render Cube succeeded in offering all the beloved gameplay systems and the vibrant open world on last generation systems. It means a lot to us that you can fight for survival in the Middle Ages, take care of building settlements at your individual pace as well as founding a Dynasty that last for decades – and all that without need for high-end hardware.

Medieval Dynasty allows players to tackle the main chapters and solve quest lines, or simply roam around the medieval world at your leisure. While your adventure will start out simple — with hunting and building yourself a home your main priorities — you will eventually found a family and have a heir, and even entice others to work for you and transform your settlement.

Medieval Dynasty is out now for PS4.

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