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Eggy Party, NetEase’s take on the Fall and Stumble Guys formula, is set to launch on April 21 in the Philippines before going global at a later date.

Having been in development since 2021, Eggy Party offers an oddly egg-themed take on the cutesy battle royale genre. A genre that so far on mobile has been dominated by the Fall Guys clone, Stumble Guys. The latter title has seen massive success on mobile platforms since it debuted and may be part of the longer development cycle for Eggy Party as NetEase seeks to polish and incorporate new features into the game.

One of the most prominent of these new features – and one that will be available at launch – is their user generated content features. The so-called Eggy Workshop will allow players to create their own maps and game-modes from launch, and had previously been available during the game’s beta phase. The rollout will also include a content creator programme to work with a variety of YouTubers, streamers and more.

A soft-boiled launch

Despite being snapped up by Epic Games, Fall Guys creator Mediatonic haven’t yet released a mobile version of their massively popular multiplayer game. The game show-style battle royale saw a few dips in popularity, however since going f2p under the purview of Epic it’s shot back up the charts. But by virtue of a similar business model and the wider reach of mobile, Stumble Guys has hit similar if not even greater heights.

Eggy Party looks set to compete with Stumble Guys, and judging by the majority of the marketing, will be looking to establish itself much more firmly in the Chinese market. This is unsurprising as NetEase is of course a Chinese company, and the initial release in the Philippines is just close enough to home and far enough away that it will give an indication of just how much audiences relate to these rounded contestants.

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