NEW PSVR 2 GAMES ANNOUNCED! PlayStation Showcase 2023 // Resident Evil 4 VR looks CRAZY

The PlayStation Showcase is over for another year and overall it was a VERY strong showcase in my opinion, however the PSVR 2 games on display feel like they have left a few people disappointed. Expectations were high as this was the first chance to showcase new PSVR 2 games after launch just a few months ago, many VR enthusiasts (myself included) felt like we might get a few big surprises at this showcase but what we actually got was 6 PSVR 2 games and 4 of them we already knew about… The quality of these games however is fairly undeniable, they all looked stunning, Resident Evil 4 PSVR 2 / Resident Evil 4 Remake VR was my absolute favourite but it’s safe to say each of the games shown look like day one purchases for me. It would’ve been great to see Sony really showcasing something big and impactful for PSVR 2 at this showcase, a game that could draw in the masses, perhaps a large established Sony IP adding VR support (Spidey? Killzone? Motorstorm? Metal Gear) but instead we received updates to four games we already knew about and reveals for two new ones…

Let me know what your overall Playstation Showcase reaction was, were you happy with the new PSVR 2 games on display or would you liked to have seen more? Either way, if you’re a fan of videogames in general this showcase no doubt had plenty to keep most people happy. Dropping new trailers for games like Alan Wake 2, Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater and Dragons Dogma 2 before finishing with a huge chunk of Spider-Man 2 gameplay was enough to keep my goblin brain satisfied…

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