Subnautica – Longplay 100% Full Game Walkthrough (No Commentary)

Subnautica Longplay this is a 100% walkthrough (Please read if you want to know about this longplay) The following is what was discovered and collected in this walkthrough: All 5 cuddlefish locations, all lifepods, all collectibles, discovering all biomes, all main blueprints, I believe most side blueprints as well (I might have missed a few minor ones), Scanning all Leviathan species and slaying the following leviathans – Reaper Leviathan, Ghost Leviathan Juvenile, Ghost Leviathan Adult, and Sea Dragon Leviathan. Side note (I did not scan every item in the game), built all main additions onto my main base including observatory and alien containment. Locating all degasi bases, and most pda logs. And made a nice little garden of a most unique plants. So I think that pretty much sums up most of what I did.

So about my adventure in Subnautica, let me first state that I love this game, it has easily jumped into the pool for one of my favorite games. I love underwater creatures, have always been fascinated by them and this game scratches that itch. Exploring each underwater biome and slowly making my way into each biome was fun but also scary. Especially if you stay near the top of the water you can’t see that far and you can’t see the floor of the ocean giving you that unsettling feeling of dread. There are a few big nasty’s in this game, 3 of them to be exact those are the leviathans. The scariest for me being the Reaper Leviathan from his looks to his loud roar. The 2 most annoying enemies in the game for me was number 1 the warper he can teleport to you or teleport you out of your seamoth and hit ya, 2 was fighting the sea dragon leviathan simply because he is broken and can glitch through walls making the fight go on for ages. What I’ll sum up here is how great this game is from exploring peaceful areas to scary ones, finding all manner of underwater life and soaking in the amazing soundtrack and ambience. Overall an amazing game looking forward to another playthrough. Anywho like always I hope you enjoy this longplay 🙂

Played on Pc via Steam

Gameplay recorded by Loopy


Intro – 0:00
Diving Headfirst – 3:22
Exploring Safe Shallows – 9:17
Floating Island – 1:14:18
SeaMoth – 1:49:37
Home Base (Rapture) – 1:54:48
Degasi Seabase (Jellyshroom Cave) – 4:30:50
Mountain Island – 6:57:37
Quarantine Enforcement Platform – 7:01:24
Sunbeam Landing Site – 7:17:07
Degasi Seabase (Grand Reef) – 8:06:45
Aurora – 8:55:50
Prawn Suit – 10:31:54
Cyclops – 11:03:57
Lost River – 11:36:10
Journey into the Deep Dark – 13:40:35
Disease Research Facility – 14:04:05
Inactive Lava Zone – 14:18:18
Alien Thermal Plant – 15:16:07
Primary Containment Facility – 16:17:20
Curing the Infection – 16:57:54
Quest accepted locate the remaining Cuddlefish – 17:57:02
Ghost Leviathan & Reaper Leviathan Fight – 18:26:20
Last Goodbye – 19:35:30
Time to go Home (Lift Off) – 19:39:40

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