Honkai Impact 3rd scorches into next update Hot Sands Escapade

Jump back into the action in Honkai Impact 3rd as version 6.5 releases soon, taking us into the Hot Sands Escapade with new stories, suits, and more. The update comes to iOS and Android on April 6 – so it’s not long to go now.

So, what’s coming in the Hot Sands Escapade update? The biggest news is a new SP battlesuit for Susannah, the Valkyrie Quicksand. She’s coming to the Hyperion and we’re eager to check out what she’s about. Her new suit design takes inspiration from dancers and music, giving her a graceful flow to her moveset.

Susannah gets a new PRI-ARM (a weapon), called Twirling Glaze: Lustrious Bloom that compliments her kit and combat style. The chakram is made for her and is also bedazzled with gems to add a fancy touch.

There’s a new case involving Seele and Susannah, too. The Schicksal investigators are back in the frey in the aftermath of the Great Eruption. This gives us a chance to check out Susannah in action, too.

The Hot Sands Escapade brings two featured events to Honkai Impact 3rd – there’s a HOMU World Tour Championship where players control adorable chibi Valkyries as they battle in new competitive systems. This event features four new maps and two systems for us to try.

Honkai Impact 3rd scorches into next update Hot Sands Escapade

The other event, Meow Town Escapade, sees Captains discover a collection of cats. Yes, cats! Head into Meow Town and meet them as you follow Susannah into different challenges. Li Sushang, Durandal, and Rita are there to teach you the ropes as you learn defensive mechanisms and dancing.

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