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Hello everyone! My name is Stephanie, and I am the community manager at Amplitude Studios, and I am here to tell you a little more about our latest game, Endless Dungeon.

Endless Dungeon is a genre-blending roguelite developed by Amplitude Studios and published by Sega – equal parts top-down tactical action & twin-stick shooter with a sprinkle of tower defense. For the uninitiated, roguelite means your unlocked progression persists through each run. Players find themselves stranded aboard a derelict space station where they must recruit an eclectic band of heroes – who have no business being friends – and protect their Crystal Bot-buddy as they work to find answers and fight through never-ending waves of monsters who have been twisted by less-than-ethical scientific experiments…. Or die trying. Then, respawn, reload, and die, die again.

Amplitude Studios blends genres to create the action-packed Endless Dungeon – PlayStation.Blog

Bunker, Cartie and Shroom arrive at the Astral Harbor’s Elevator with the crystal

No stranger to the roguelite genre, we here at Amplitude Studios are building on our already impressive (and award-winning, ahem) inter-connected Endless Universe, where the game is set. As a spiritual successor to Dungeon of the Endless (DotE), Endless Dungeon brings massive changes to the series – with full & direct player control, evolution to full 3D, and an evocative art style, players will lose themselves and their lives within the dimly lit corridors of the expansive space station. Players will be challenged to fight through hordes of grotesque blobs, bugs, blurs, and bots, all while they learn more about the heroes and what brought each of these eclectic personas to this long-abandoned location.

Fassie the bartender is prepping some helpful beverages for our heroes next run

But, before we go further… how about a drink? The Saloon is the player’s hub. There, they can interact with heroes, purchase upgrades, and be serenaded by Lera Lynn as she performs an original soundtrack for all those about to die. Thankfully, the local bartender is there to spice things up a bit with, you guessed it, beverages. As you play Endless Dungeon, you will find different recipes that can drastically alter your runs and how you play – like massively boosting the power of your turrets – with the trade-off of causing them to damage themselves; or disabling ever-important medkits and healing yourself by shoving enemies with Bloody Melee instead.

The hero selection screen: you’ll need to assemble your squad before exploring the station!

Now that your heroes are juiced up (literally), let’s talk guns and boomsticks. Each of Endless Dungeon’s eight unlockable heroes have its own unique playstyle and skills for you to take advantage of: whether you roll as the tank, support class, or DPS-guru, there is a hero for you. 

But kitting out your hero doesn’t end there; while exploring, your hero can find new weapons that may be better suited for your current enemy class. For instance, a gun with fire damage will be stronger against bugs but weak against blurs. While in the Saloon, don’t forget to visit the gunsmith and spend your meta-progression currency to unlock weapon mod slots, mods for the Crystal Bot, and Hero mods. These mods can vastly change how you play by increasing your hero’s health, adding knockback to weapons, or even piercing shots to hit targets behind an enemy. Once unlocked, you can freely swap mods to best suit your playstyle.

Locked, loaded, and ready for action, you’re now free to begin exploring the station. Whether flying solo or with up to two friends, players can build their squad with their three favorite characters and begin their assault on one of the ten districts in Endless Dungeon. Each district has its own unique look and feel and will have you facing off against a particular enemy type, so plan your builds based on who you’re up against. Once you clear the first floor, be ready to take on stronger enemies and bosses, culminating in defeating the final boss in The Core to complete a successful run.

Bunker is using her ult to attract the bots. Meanwhile the crystal is almost done with opening the door

Unlike other roguelites, Endless Dungeon’s approach is focused on defensive moves. So, plan your routes with turret support in mind. Turrets can help you or hurt your enemies by choosing to build different types that either deal damage to enemies, debuff them, or heal your other turrets  – all the while, you need to pay extra attention to your Crystal Bot who must survive in order to progress through the levels and deeper into the space station.

No matter what your playstyle, Endless Dungeon will have you saying “just one more run” as you fight to solve the mysteries behind your heroes and fight your way through the apparently, not-so-abandoned space station.

We over here at Amplitude Studios are very excited for you to try and die in Endless Dungeon, and we cannot wait for you to get your hands on the game when it lands on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. 

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