After Redfall’s Reception, I Really Hope The Dishonored 3 Leak Is Real

Having said that, I can’t imagine that the release and reception of Arkane’s latest title, Redfall, will have put the brakes on something like another Dishonored game. We’re not privy to any insider information here, but Redfall didn’t exactly go to plan, did it? This studio is known for its deep & immersive single player offerings and the sooner it gets back to that ethos, the better.

Soapbox: After Redfall's Reception, I Really Hope The Dishonored 3 Leak Is Real 1
Image: Redfall, Arkane Studios

Another thing worth mentioning is that, really, Arkane just has to follow its own blueprint with Dishonored 3, right? It’s been so long since 2 that similar concepts on brand-new tech will be impressive enough for many, especially as a follow-up to Redfall. We have faith that Arkane would bring plenty of cool new concepts to the table though, especially with this franchise in particular.

Anyway, as you can probably tell I’m very, very happy that Dishonored 3 has been referenced in some fashion – I just hope that plans for the franchise’s big return are still full-speed-ahead in 2023. Bethesda’s roadmap is looking rather tasty indeed, and if the team is planning a Dishonored-flavoured dessert to finish this roadmap off, count me well-and-truly in.

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