Workers allege crunch and intimidation at Ubisoft’s Just Dance studio

Things aren’t going well for Ubisoft’s developers. Barely a month after reports surfaced of staff pushed to breaking point (opens in new tab) at the company’s Beyond Good and Evil 2 studio, devs at Ubisoft Paris are now speaking out about an epidemic of “morally and physically exhausting” work at the studio, where they’re regularly pressured to crunch and projects are subject to sweeping overhauls months before launch.

Speaking anonymously to NME (opens in new tab)—mostly through the Solidaires Informatique union—devs at Ubisoft Paris tell stories of 13-hour shifts to get Just Dance 2023 out the door, with some individuals having to work even longer. “During daily meetings, some employees were explicitly encouraged to work overtime… The message was clear: ‘Work overtime’,” an anonymous dev told NME.

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