CS:GO smashes player records as Counter-Strike 2 hype mounts

The prospect of Counter-Strike 2 (opens in new tab) has a lot of people playing CS:GO (opens in new tab), with a new all-time peak player record of 1,519,457 being set today. That’s a number reported by both SteamDB (opens in new tab) and Steamcharts (opens in new tab), and it’s wildly higher than CS:GO’s prior high water marks. CS:GO’s previous high point was in April 2020, when pandemic lockdowns across the world saw many games—and Steam itself—report record player numbers.

That’s because Counter-Strike 2 was announced this week. It’s a real game, it’s free, and everything in it carries over (opens in new tab) from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Everyone’s fancy skins are going to Source Engine 2 land. Yes, even that one person’s $150,000 gun skin (opens in new tab). It has sent the CS skin marketplace straight to crazytown (opens in new tab).

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