THE LAST OF US Episode 5 Trailer Breakdown | Promo Theories, New Characters And Game Easter Eggs

THE LAST OF US Episode 5 Trailer Breakdown | Promo Theories, New Characters And Game Easter Eggs. In this video, we take a look at the latest trailer for Episode 5 of The Last Of Us on HBO Max. We go shot by shot, breaking it down and talking about what we could be seeing in the next episode. Including subjects such as Sam and Henry, Kathleen, and Bloaters, Game Comparisons and Storylines and where we could see things heading in the coming episodes. Lots to get through so let’s get into it!

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So The Last Of Us Episode 5 trailer is now out and after that big cliffhanger for the end of episode I’m sure a lot of you are asking questions about what could happen next time. Well if you can’t wait then this is the video for you as throughout it we’re gonna be going over the new characters, game easter eggs and all our thoughts on what could be happening.

Full spoiler ahead as we will be talking about who henry and sam are as well as the locations that appear in the episode and what goes down at them. With that out the way, huge thank you for clicking this, now let’s get into The Last Of Us Episode 5 trailer.

Now we start off with Kathleen talking about her group overthrowing Fedra. Kathleen is a completely new creation for the show but there are some ways we can put together what’s happening. In the game all of the scenes that we’ve watched take place in four happened during the pittsbugh chapter but we can kinda use that as a basis to guess what’s going on in Kansas. In the game you arrived to find rebels had overthrown the area and this was because Fedra had been starving the people to point of desperation. I think in this entry we see that actually playing out and we might get a flashback to the moment that Fedra were over thrown. It seems like she has a group of people sat down and is telling them a story about what happened which is why she says that things have gone great. However it looks like complete carnage with there being fires, people getting bottles smashed over their heads and trucks roaming the area. Bottles are used in the game as both items that can distract the clickers and also as things that can be used as weapons.

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