The Mummy Returns (video game) – FULL GAME walkthrough | Longplay (Rick + Imhotep)

The Mummy Returns is an action adventure video game, based on the movie with the same name, developed by Blitz Games and published by Universal Interactive in 2001. The game is contains 2 campaigns, one of Rick O’Conell which follows the story from the movie of our protagonist and the other of Imhotep the antagonist in a new non-canon plot.
Rick’s Campaign
0:00:00 Bracelet Temple
0:30:04 British Museum
0:52:05 Cairo
1:11:41 Jungle
1:28:23 Netherworld

Imhotep’s Campaign
1:50:10 British Museum
2:11:49 Cairo
2:22:48 Karnak
2:28:21 Jungle
2:44:52 Netherworld

All Boss Battles ➤
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Developer: Blitz Games
Publisher: Universal Interactive
Platforms: PS2
Release Date: 2001
Genre: Action, Adventure

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