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One you start digging, you will surely have no stop looking. Help this cute creature explore the treasures under the ground here in Diggy. Your main character here named Diggy is in search for a very unique truffle. To get this truffle, you must use your drill and dig as deep as you can to search the entire Earth. You will use energy when you drill the ground. And when all energy are consumed, your day will end. You need to upgrade your equipment so you can last longer underground. Collect as many treasures as you can and they will be converted to cash.


They say that digging is never fun and can be tiring as well as dangerous. They are right with all those things since a digger’s life is filled with danger and suspense. Then again it can also be filled with rewards and good things. Diggy on the other hand makes digging seem fun, safe and rewarding to say the least. You control Diggy as he is seemingly digging in the middle of the road for buried treasure and random things. When his power pack goes out its time he calls it a day and proceeds to go on to a new day. Can you help Diggy get farther down for more treasure and rewards with this game?


The game’s visual aesthetics feature a cartoonish art style of presentation. It’s your typical cartoon drawing which is actually good to look at. Diggy does look a bit like one of the Minions from Despicable Me but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The game itself seems monotonic with the colors of the ground a bit being simplistic. It’s just brown with different shades of it as you go deeper but the game is about digging underground which would be weird having a different colored ground. The game’s music is good and it has that science fiction beat to it. You may not be on a space ship but the beat gives a nice tune making you dig deeper in the game.


The main concept of the game is to dig deeper and deeper as the days go by. You simply control Diggy as you guide him down deeper in the ground. Armed with your power pack, radar and drill you will need to help Diggy dig deeper and gain some treasure. Using your drill and radar does suck off some power from your power pack but you do need them to go deeper. The drill lets you dig down deeper or sideways depending on where you would want to go. The radar lets you scan treasure near you so that you can dig there directly and get it instantaneously. Once you run out of power, the game will automatically call it a day and you start a new day filled with a full power pack. The treasure you get gives you money which you can use for upgrades. The deeper you go the more expensive the treasures you get. Then again the upgrades get more expensive as you buy them but they come in different tiers. You get to upgrade your drill’s power making your digs easier. Upgrading the radar increases its range and reduces its energy cost. Then finally upgrading the power pack increases your energy which allows you to dig longer each day. The later tiers also allow you to recharge your power pack provided that you can go back to the surface. When the days pass by you need to be deeper than where you were the last time or you can just focus on making money.

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