Gen5 SSDs listings finally show up on Amazon and Newegg

We live in fairly unreliable times when it comes to hardware releases. Chip shortages, supply issues, and a global pandemic has thrown a spanner into the works for all sorts of development and distribution efforts. One of the more notable delays of late has to be the release of PCIe 5.0 SSDs (opens in new tab). We’ve been hearing about them and their impressive speeds for years now (opens in new tab), and given the compatible controllers (opens in new tab) and AMD Ryzen 7000 series of CPU (opens in new tab)s are out in the wild, well, in the word’s of Lara Bingle: where the bloody hell are you?

Well scream to the sky on an empty beach no more, as we’re finally seeing unstocked listings for PCIe gen 5 SSDs show up in online stores. VideoCardz (opens in new tab) has spotted listings for Gigabyte’s Aorus offerings of these new storage devices on both Amazon (opens in new tab) sold by the Gigabyte store, and Newegg (opens in new tab). While both read “out of stock” for now, we should see these listings turn into active sales, hopefully relatively soon.

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