Where is the GTA V Nintendo Switch port?

Why isn’t there a GTA V Nintendo Switch port yet? It seems like it should have happened by now – the best-selling entertainment property in the history of the universe should be on every console. Yet it isn’t.

Usually, this is a case of technical limitations, but GTA V can run on a PS3, so it can run on the Nintendo Switch. Head below to see all the hints we can find as to whether a Grand Theft Auto V Nintendo Switch port will ever happen, or check out more speculation with our Wind Waker Switch, Twilight Princess Switch, and Ocarina of Time Switch port pontifications.

Is there a GTA V Nintendo Switch port?

No, at the time of writing GTA V is not available on the Nintendo Switch. The developer, Rockstar Games, has only brought a handful of its videogames to the portable home console, the first being 2011’s L.A. Noire (one of the best games ever!), which arrived in November 2017.

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Since then, the only other games Rockstar has released are the ones found in the GTA trilogy, a remastered collection of GTA III, Vice City, and San Andreas. This was a very disappointing release on Switch, with countless issues as you can read in our GTA The Trilogy Definitive Edition review.

Will there be a GTA V Nintendo Switch port?

We don’t currently have any evidence to suggest that there will be a Grand Theft Auto V Switch port. So, put simply, we don’t know if it’s going to happen, even though Rockstar’s parent company Take Two’s CEO Straus Zelnick said, “What we’ve put out so far has been successful” and promised more products are coming to Nintendo’s console when talking to

There are also some bogus rumours online that use their source as SamusHunter2 on Twitter. This supposed leaker has been roundly debunked by countless incorrect guesses and broad-enough predictions that they’re bound to hit once in a while – so this doesn’t lend any credence either.

So, while we don’t know anything about a GTA V Nintendo Switch port, we do know some great games like GTA on Switch to sate that craving in the meantime.

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