Starfield fans already have some very convincing theories on how its main quest begins

What is Starfield’s main quest about, and how does the space RPG begin? Over the years Bethesda games have had some pretty iconic openings. Most notably—it became a meme—is Skyrim’s “Hey you, you’re finally awake” intro, where you begin the game as a prisoner on a wagon carrying you to your execution. Fallout 3’s introduction, meanwhile, begins with your actual birth that leads into a tutorial as you grow from a child into an adult in Vault 101.

These memorable intros lead to the start of the games’ main quests, and Bethesda fans have been speculating about the beginning of Starfield, too: How it introduces players to the world, what you’re doing at the very start of the game, how the main quest begins, and what that quest actually is about. 

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