Audio-Technica’s StreamSet promises a streaming mic in a gaming headset

After reviewing a fair few gaming headsets in recent years, I’ve learned what to expect from their microphones. Usually they’ll be plenty clear enough for gaming chat, but that’s about it. If you want your voice to have any sense of quality or tone, most headset mics will be found wanting. It’s the reason so many streamers go with a separate mic setup, often complete with boom mic and a mixer if they’re feeling really fancy. Audio-Technica is looking to change this with its new StreamSet gaming headset.

Audio-Technica is a brand known for making high quality audio products. If you want a very nice pair of cans or a capable mic, Audio-Technica is a brand well worth your attention, which it proved this with the ATH-GDL3 gaming headset (opens in new tab), offering crystal clear sound with great immersive properties. 

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