For Honor’s Medjay Hero Arrives July 28

For Honor’s newest Hero, the Medjay, will arrive in Heathmoor July 28 on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. Neferkha is an Outlander, the last descendant of Pharaohs, who has traveled to Heathmoor to remove the powers of the Scarab Bracelet relic stolen by the Viking Jarl Bolthorn at the beginning of Year 6 Season 2.

For Honor - Medjay Hero

Bolthorn intended to use the relic’s magic to gain endless food and drink for his people, but instead, he brought home a curse that spread across Heathmoor; fortunately, the Medjay has the skills and knowledge to end it. As a Medjay, Neferkha is a resourceful fighter, equipped with a wide-reaching Fan Axe and a Dual-Wielding Axe, making him useful in group battles and one-on-one combat. The Medjay is the second Outlander to join For Honor’s roster, as well as the first Egyptian Hero in the game.

For Honor - Medjay Hero

Starting July 28, players can purchase the Medjay in a package that also includes an exclusive ornament, an Elite outfit, seven days of Champion Status, and three scavenger crates. Alternatively, players can unlock the Medjay starting August 11 for 15,000 Steel. For Honor is available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, and is available on Game Pass.

Bolthorn unleashed a curse on Heathmoor, and with Neferkha, you’ll have the skills to stop it – and to dominate the battlefield in new ways.

For Honor® Medjay Hero

For Honor® Medjay Hero




Play as the first Egyptian hero in For Honor® with the Medjay, and switch between the Fan Axe and the Dual Wielding Axe.

When his friend Bolthorn stole the Scarab Bracelet from the desert kingdom, Neferkha, the last descendant of the pharaohs, knew what would happen next. He is the only one with the power to break the curse and save Heathmoor from unspeakable tragedy.

The Medjay Hero offer includes:
1 New Hero: Medjay
1 Ornament
1 Elite Outfit
7-Day Champion Status (Extra XP, Extra Loot, and More)
3 Scavenger Crates with Random Gear

FOR HONOR™ Standard Edition

Xbox Live

FOR HONOR™ Standard Edition





Xbox One X Enhanced

Xbox Game Pass

This game is optimized for next-gen (4K Resolution for Xbox Series X / 1080p for Xbox Series S). Cross-save is available: your profile, progression, including all purchases and inventory, is automatically shared.

Discover For Honor®, a groundbreaking melee action game developed by Ubisoft Montreal in collaboration with other Ubisoft studios.

Choose your warrior from the Knights, the Vikings, and the Samurai.

Storm castles and fortresses in massive battles, and confront bosses in intense duels.

Choose from offline single-player campaign or online multiplayer.

Wield the weight of your weapon, and feel the power of every strike.

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