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This year has been an amazing one when it comes to game releases and in August we received another game of the year contender! As a Dutch person I am really proud of the achievement made by the talented Larian Studios which is located in neighboring Belgium.
Baldur’s Gate 3 is an incredible expansive and open ended RPG where you can almost do everything. It takes the rules of Dungeons & Dragons as its base and Baldur’s Gate 3 is pretty much the most D&D videogame ever created. Complete with a narrator who functions as the DM and plenty of dice rolls with the famous D20.
You find yourself on an alien ship and are injected with a tiny creature. Now your quest is to gather up a party of adventurers (or don’t) and seek how to get rid of this creature inside you (or don’t!). The possiblities on what you can do are endless. You can be nice to everyone and help people out or you can be very unkind and commit all sorts of horrible acts. The cool thing with Baldur’s Gate 3 is that there are often more than two or three ways to do things in each situation. Often when game developers talk about “choice” in their game they usually mean that you can only do two things: something good or something bad. This was fun back in the day with games like Mass Effect, but that has aged very poorly since nowadays you know that the “blue” answer is always good and the “red” answer is always evil. With Baldur’s Gate you never quite know what the outcome might be or what you will find if you pry a bit more or sneak around and pickpocket someone.
Its this freedom to do anything at anytime you want which makes it so appealing. You can do a quest and be rewarded with a key to a secret vault. Or you can also just attack the camp and take the key like that. Or if you don’t want to hurt anyone you can pickpocket that specific person and gain access to the key in that way.
It should be mentioned that mechanics like this had already been introduced in older RPGs like Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic and Deus Ex. But it seems that this freedom to handle situations in many different things has been forgotten by the modern RPG. Therefore I am so glad and proud that Baldur’s Gate 3 brought this freedom back to the world of gaming.
The game has a high learning curve and you will be looking at menus a lot and there will be a lot of reading. The game requires you to make mistakes and learn from them. This might scare some people off, but for those who stick through it and put in the effort are rewarded with one of the best role playing games of the last decade. It is so open ended that pretty much everyone will have a different experience. Which is also why it is cool to archive videos and watch them online since the events in my playthrough will probably be very different than in yours. Everyone will have their own D&D journey with Baldur’s Gate 3 and I humbly welcome you to mine…enjoy!

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