How Would You Compare The New PS Plus To Xbox Game Pass?

Talking Point: Which Service Do You Prefer Right Now, Xbox Game Pass Or PS Plus?

It doesn’t seem like it, but it’s now been almost exactly two months since the new version of PlayStation Plus went live in the US, and obviously the big talking point from our perspective is that it’s now very similar to Xbox Game Pass.

The Essential version of the service is still comparable to Xbox Live and Xbox Games With Gold, but the Extra and Premium variants are more along the lines of Xbox Game Pass, offering hundreds of games you can play with your subscription.

And we’ll admit, we’ve tinkered with it a bit here at Pure Xbox. The addition of a seven-day trial is a nice touch from Sony, and is very similar to the cheap one-month trials offered by Xbox for Game Pass. Plus, having Annapurna Interactive’s Stray as a day one launch title was a great move considering how popular that game has proved so far.

But still, the obvious downside is that Sony still appears to have no intention of including first-party games with PlayStation Plus at launch, so while we’ll be getting the likes of Starfield and Forza Motorsport 7 at no extra charge in 2023, Sony will still be charging $70 for games such as the upcoming God Of War Ragnarok later this year.

But anyway, those are just our two cents! How are you finding it so far? We’re interested to know.

Are you subscribed to PS Plus? How would you compare it to Xbox Game Pass? Tell us!

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