Here’s A Final Look At The Xbox 360’s Best-Selling ‘Arcade’ Games

Here’s A Final Look At The Xbox 360’s Best-Selling ‘Arcade’ Games

Anyone who owned an Xbox 360 back in the day will likely remember Xbox Live Arcade – the original home for indie releases and other small titles that were traditionally digital-only. It later transitioned into ID@Xbox for the Xbox One era.

A lot of time has obviously passed now, but considering we’re just weeks away from the closure of the Xbox 360 store, we thought we’d take one final look at the “best-selling” Xbox Live Arcade games. We’ve highlighted the top 50 games based on the United States version of the list, although there are a couple of caveats to mention.

Firstly, this list is only made up of games that haven’t yet been fully removed from the store. The likes of Uno and Battlefield 1943 would have made the lineup, but they’re now gone entirely on Xbox 360. Also, Microsoft takes DLC into account, which is why you’ll see Rock Band Blitz and Pinball FX2 performing better than you might expect.

If you want any of these, you’ve not got long to grab them – although keep in mind that many have since been ported to modern consoles, and there’s also another Xbox 360 sale taking place this month (so you might want to wait!). Sadly, a fair few are no longer purchasable – in those cases their store pages still exist, but the main game has been delisted.

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