EA Has De-Listed All Its Previous FIFA Games From Digital Storefronts

Now that EA Sports FC 24 is out for those who paid to play early and available for everyone else this Friday, EA has gone and de-listed it’s entire library of previous FIFA games from all digital storefronts including the PlayStation Store.

Even up to FIFA 23, the old FIFA titles are now no longer available to purchase, for anyone. A consequence of FIFA and EA’s relationship falling apart, though it feels to have happened suddenly, even though this was the inevitable conclusion of FIFA’s separation from EA.

Spotted by a Twitter user which VGC picked up on, if you potentially wanted to try out some old FIFA and head back to say, FIFA 14, (the oldest title available on stores) you’d be out of luck. Everything from FIFA 14-FIFA 23 is gone.

It is possible to still access FIFA 22 and FIFA 23 through EA Play, but if you don’t already own it, then it’s now, potentially permanently unavailable to you. Unless of course you find a used copy somewhere, and don’t have a disc-less console.

Source – [VGC]

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