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Remember last summer, when Pistol Whip got five new breakneck Scenes and one of them had soaring castle towers, trebuchet battles, and not one, but two dragons?

Here at Cloudhead, we looked at that Scene (the illustrious Majesty) and said “This rules, and we’re gonna make a whole Collection out of it, and no one can stop us.”

And of course, we added yet another new music genre to the game: power metal.

Welcome to Voidslayer: A frenzy of three new Pistol Whip Scenes that charge headlong through raucous villages, cataclysmic fields of battle, to the place where Earth and the cosmos blur together. Each Scene is an act within an epic journey. In the first act, Hero’s Dawn, you shall awake to the call of destiny, and follow it through a world of fire and darkness, with an endless stream of enemies to crash through as you go.

For our seasoned Pistol Whip players, we’ve got a couple of new Modifiers to check out, too.

Pistol Whip unleashes power metal with the Voidslayer Collection June 6 – PlayStation.Blog

Colour Match forces you to think quickly, as your weapons will be colour-coordinated to enemies on the field. Only the shots from matching-coloured guns will hit. This is one of those Modifiers that, as soon as you’ve mastered it, will make you want to go back and replay every single Scene just to see how much it changes the groove.

Meanwhile, the Deflector modifier gives you the ability to send bullets ricocheting back at your foes. And if you’re also wielding the Metal Gauntlet, remember to throw up the horns with every deflection. You won’t get any extra points or anything, but you’ll feel extremely cool, and our dev team will all cheer.

As a bunch of metalheads ourselves, we can’t wait to unleash our three chosen music tracks on you. With wailing guitar solos and furious kick drums from the likes of Bloodbound, Brothers of Metal, and Firewind, these are some of the most unstoppable, fist-in-the-air Pistol Whip songs yet.

Ready thy broken sword on June 6, when Hero’s Dawn, the first of Voidslayer’s three new Scenes, will arrive on PlayStation VR2, with the second and third Scenes following in the weeks after!

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