Supergiant Games Opens Hades 2 Technical Test Registration Ahead Of Early Access Launch

Supergiant Games Opens Hades 2 Technical Test Registration Ahead Of Early Access Launch

Hades 2, a game that is arguably just, if not more eagerly anticipated than Hollow Knight Silksong, is nearing it’s Early Access launch, which is currently set to arrive sometime in Q2 2024.

Ahead of that launch, developer Supergiant Games has opened registration for a Technical Test, all you need to do is login to your Steam account and hit the button to register for the test, if you want a chance at playing Hades 2 even earlier than the Early Access release.

“We’re getting close to launched Hades II in Early Access!” Supergiant Games said in a post on Twitter. “A key step prior to that is our Hades II Technical Test, which we plan to begin shortly. If you’d like to be considered for participation, you can sign up right now simply by clicking ‘Request Access’ on the Hades II page on Steam.”

The Steam page further clarifies that even if you’re not immediately invited into the Technical Test, Supergiant will be increasing the amount of players in waves, so there’s a chance you could be part of next wave of players admitted into the test.

Supergiant also states that due to nature of the test, “we don’t know exactly how long it will last,” and furthermore that unknown factor also trickles into when the game will release in Early Access. “We likewise don’t know exactly when we will launch Hades II in Early Access, since that will depend on how long we end up running the Technical Test.”

Still, for any players excited to finally jump into Hades 2, best run on over to Steam to register for the test. Even if you never do get admitted, it sounds like we could be seeing an Early Access launch sometime this Summer.

And all this of course means that slowly, but surely, Hades 2’s arrival on PS5 is inching ever closer. Even though it’s entirely possible that the Early Access period for Hades 2 could last as long as it did for Hades, which spent two years in Early Access before it’s 1.0 launch, and even then it didn’t come to PlayStation right away.

That doesn’t mean players won’t be waiting with baited breath when it finally is set to arrive on PS5.

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