Brock Lesnar And Vince McMahon Have Been Removed WWE 2K24’s Full Roster

WWE 2K24 no longer lists Brock Lesnar or Vince McMahon on the full roster list of playable characters, removed likely due to the staggering allegations towards McMahon and Lesnar.

The major allegations laid out in the lawsuit against McMahon are sexual assault and sex trafficking, with Lesnar having also been allegedly involved. Calling these allegations ‘concerning’ is an understatement, so it’s not a big surprise to see them absent from the list.

However according to a report from Insider Gaming, at least in the case of Lesnar his character files will still be in the game. Perhaps that’s the case now, though it’s entirely possible that he’ll be entirely removed by the time March 8 rolls around.

Lesnar was already removed from the cover for the WrestleMania 40 Year Anniversary edition of the game, replaced by making John Cena’s presence larger.

As the case against McMahon develops, if other wrestlers already included in WWE 2K24 are named, it’ll be interesting to see how 2K responds.

Source – [Insider Gaming, 2K]

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