MAFIA 4 Origins Trailer (Mafia Game Videos Concept)

Mafia IV Concept Trailer for next gen consoles (Xbox Series X, PS5, and PC) 2024. Revisit Lost Heaven in this Prequel on Unreal Engine 5. Work for the Peppone Crime Family as young Ennio Sallieri. Familiar characters include Don Peppone, Marcu Morello, Frank Colletti, and Luigi Marino.
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Mafia 4 is officially confirmed to be in development by Hangar 13 Games. It will be a prequel located in Italy and on Unreal Engine 5 according to inside sources at Kotaku. In my previous video I discussed when we can see a Mafia 4 trailer and Mafia 4 release date. In my opinion, we will not be playing as Salieri in Mafia 4 since it is located in Italy. In my opinion it will be brand new characters.

Credit to @7KCZ for the music from Mafia: Rise and Fall!

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