Starship Troopers | Full Game Walkthrough | No Commentary

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I am a big fan of the first Starship Troopers movie and despite it seemingly being a great universe to base games around there aren’t that many games out there. We have had a RTS before and in 2022 another strategy game will be released. But in 2005 we actually received a proper first person singleplayer campaign with this Starship Troopers game. It shares some similarities with other games like Halo, but the the big draw with this game are the enormous amount of enemy bugs that can be on the screen. In some sections you will have more than 300 bugs on screen at the same time. It captures those epic moments from the movie and has friendly AI who are actually able to take out the enemies. It stumbles here and there with the presentation and not all missions are as exciting, but overall I had a really good time playing through this campaign. It definitely made me wish that they put out a modern Starship Troopers game today with a modern engine.

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