Vin Diesel's Wheelman – Full Game Walkthrough

Wheelman Full Game Walkthrough with all main story missions recorded on PC in HD.

Milo Burik (Vin Diesel), an undercover CIA agent, is assigned to the investigation of a package containing secretive documents, which the various criminal factions of Barcelona are intending on stealing and selling to the highest bidder. His mission is simple: infiltrate the Barcelona criminal underworld and rip apart the threat to international security. Strap in for some rubber-burning, asphalt-churning excitement in the streets of Barcelona.

Some notes about the game:
I actually enjoyed this game quite a bit though it’s far from polished. The PC port is very bare-bones. The game runs fine (though occasional fps stutters) but there are no graphics/video options besides resolution. The mouse sensitivity is extremely high and even on lowest settings it’s difficult to aim during on-foot sections making the gunplay feel very awkward. However, there’s some good fun to be had with the vehicle combat, hijacking and drive-by shooting mechanics! Being set in Barcelona is also a nice change of scene. An enjoyably silly B-movie game but lacking for 2009 standards.

0:00:00 – Intro / Frantic
0:10:24 – You Scratch My Back
0:20:07 – Meeting Old Friends
0:25:28 – Interviewing Felipe
0:32:50 – Clearing Up the Mess
0:38:46 – Micca
0:45:22 – Introducing Benito
0:56:53 – Finding Family
1:08:44 – Zapateado
1:11:15 – Miguel’s Sting
1:19:55 – Bringing it Home
1:31:00 – Green Cross Code
1:38:15 – Letting Off Steam
1:45:58 – Stand and Deliver
1:53:45 – Ambulance Chaser
1:57:55 – Pick of Destiny
2:04:25 – Recover the Documents
2:17:10 – Follow a Wheelman
2:23:50 – Defeat Felipe
2:30:55 – Balance of Power: Act 1
2:56:49 – Balance of Power: Act 2
3:19:58 – Romanian Battle
3:25:33 – The Rescue
3:33:13 – Getting the Job Done
3:57:27 – Get Gallo / Ending

● Platform: Windows PC
● Recorded using Nvidia Shadowplay
● Edited using Adobe Premiere 2020

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