Sledgehammer Games Studio Head Is “Incredibly Proud Of Modern Warfare III”

Sledgehammer Games Studio Head Is “Incredibly Proud Of Modern Warfare III”

Sledgehammer Games has had a bad wrap when it comes to its recent Call Of Duty releases, and this year’s Modern Warfare III seems to be carrying that reputation forward.

With the game’s global launch this Friday, studio head Aaron Halon released a statement amidst poor reviews for the campaign and reports that the team feels “betrayed” by its management for being given a far too constrained development time.

The statement begins by Halon saying “We’re incredibly proud of Modern Warfare III – both the full game experience at launch and the upcoming year of content we have planned for the community.”

Halon’s full statement is a defense of Sledgehammer and the team’s work, calling this year’s release a “labor of love” as it’s the first of its kind in being a direct sequel to the previous year’s Call Of Duty title.

“From the start of development, we have all been laser focused on creating the next groundbreaking Call Of Duty game. Long before we wrapped up our previous game, we heard loud and clear from fans about the desire to stay and play together for longer within the same series.

And that’s what we delivered – the first true sequel in franchise history. It is also why we added features like Carry Forward for the first time to honor the investment our players have made in the Modern Warfare series.

We’re proud to be the team to lead the way on Modern Warfare III. We have worked hard to deliver on this vision which has been years in the making. Anything said to the contrary is simply not true – this is our game and we cannot wait to play it online with all of you.”

While the campaign has decidedly disappointed this year, it’s possible that the continued multiplayer experience to come will pick up that slack.

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