People just won’t stop buying RTX 3060 graphics cards

If there’s one thing I remember from high school biology, it’s that the GPU is the powerhouse of the PC. Ask PC gamers what build they’re running, the first words out of their mouth will usually be the name of the graphics card their beast is packing. Even the CPU, the brains of the whole operation, will often be left playing second fiddle. It’s the part we dedicate most of our PC spending, bragging, and drooling on.

The GPU can also say a lot about what you’re is trying to achieve from a build. Someone running a tight setup with a 4000 series Nvidia card, for example, is looking to get the best of the best without care for the cost. Older cards paint a picture too. Someone with a 1080 is likely to be attractive, smart, and responsible with money regardless of how much they desperately want something better.

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