Disney Illusion Island – Full Game Walkthrough

Disney Illusion Island (2023) Full Game Walkthrough on Nintendo Switch, completing all Main Quests and Boss Battles with Abdallah’s Family Friendly Commentary!
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00:00 Welcome & Thanks For Subscribing!
01:14 Disney Illusion Island Opening Cutscene
03:01 What’s That Sound? (Main Quest)
12:28 A Lead…Kinda (Main Quest)
20:16 Things Are Looking Up (Main Quest)
50:55 I’ll Be A Smuggler’s Uncle (Main Quest)
1:11:03 Boss Battle vs. Post Officer
1:17:42 I’ll Be A Smuggler’s Uncle (Main Quest)
1:30:45 A Large Downwards Force (Main Quest)
1:42:16 What the Dex is Goin’ On? (Main Quest)
1:48:48 A Little Light Reading (Main Quest)
2:07:29 A Novel Journey (Main Quest)
2:19:14 Research Trip (Main Quest)
2:27:59 Hide And Seek (Main Quest)
2:41:09 Research Trip 2 (Main Quest)
2:51:02 Lifting Me Higher (Main Quest)
2:55:56 Boss Battle Vs. Peahen Hero
3:04:33 Balance of Power (Main Quest)
3:13:50 First Class Enquiry (Main Quest)
3:21:04 Incorrectly Routed (Main Quest)
3:40:11 Into The Sky Below (Main Quest)
4:29:43 Boss Battle Vs. Old Timer
4:41:57 Overdue Books (Main Quest)
4:45:50 The Land of Monoth Cutscene
4:52:27 Right The Wrongs (Main Quest)
4:58:49 Awakening the Post Officer Cutscene
5:03:00 Right The Wrongs (Main Quest)
5:12:15 Meeting Grayzar Cutscene
5:14:03 Final Boss Battle Vs. Grayzar
5:21:36 Grayzar and Toku’s Past Cutscene
5:27:58 Traveling to Toku
5:32:04 Meeting Toku Cutscene
5:37:09 Escaping The Tower
5:41:08 Disney Illusion Island Ending Cutscene and Credits
5:56:05 Disney Illusion Island Post-Game
5:59:18 Thanks For Watching! 👍 If You Enjoyed It!

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