Hogwarts Legacy Solved by the Bell: How to get the Musical Map treasure

The Hogwarts Legacy Solved by the Bell quest is one of the harder treasure maps in the game to puzzle out. It’s not that the map is hard to find, or that the location of the treasure is difficult to establish; it’s because it requires you to play a very specific melody with an assortment of bells, using a less-than-clear diagram.

If you’re puzzling out Hogwarts’ other secrets, you might want to know how to solve the mystery of the clock tower (opens in new tab), or that torch puzzle (opens in new tab) on the viaduct bridge. But for now, here’s where to find the Musical Map you need to start the Solved by the Bell quest, and the exact order you need to play the bells in to get your well-deserved treasure. 

Where to find the Musical Map 

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