‘Subpar Pool’ from ‘Holedown’ Developer Grapefrukt Combines Pool and Golf and Whimsy, Coming October 12th – TouchArcade

You don’t have to ask me twice to care about a new game from Swedish developer Grapefukt Games. Heck you don’t even have to ask me once. After bringing such classics as Holedown, Twofold Inc, and Rymdkapsel, I’m onboard for pretty much anything this developer puts out. So yeah, I’m pretty excited that today they announced a brand new game called Subpar Pool and I’m even more excited that it looks so awesome. The idea is that each level is made up of multiple procedurally generated tables with a unique layout of balls on each one, and your goal is to get the ball or balls in the hole in a set number of shots or less, essentially blending a couple of aspects of both pool and golf. And the title which I thought was jut being self-deprecating seems so clever now. You want to sink your shot below par, or sub-par. Hardy har har?

The concept itself is already pretty solid, but Subpar Pool takes things to the next level with its card system that allows you to choose various cards that can augment how the game is played. I think the official PR explains it best: “Want to feel stressed to the max? Take part in the Fast Run, which limits the time you have to aim. Want a level with portals? Or how about one with conveyor belts? Subpar Pool has you covered. Or want to see what happens when you play Subpar Pool with glass balls as they roll and collide? There are thousands of ways to combine the dynamic cards to create a unique playthrough experience, every time.” Ok, ok, I already said I was onboard, you can stop now! Subpar Pool is coming to iOS, Android, Steam, and Nintendo Switch on October 12, and it’ll be $5 on mobile and $10 on console, so keep your eyes peeled for it in just a couple of weeks.

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