Prototype Gameplay For An Unreleased Crash vs. Spyro Racing Game Showcases The Collaboration That Never Was

Crash Bandicoot and Spyro The Dragon are two household names for anyone who grew up with PlayStation consoles in their home, and back during their peak, their was a time players could’ve seen both of them in the same game.

Crash vs Spyro Racing was an arcade racer from LT Studios, a team that was a subsidiary of Argonaut Software, the studio behind the popular Star Fox series.

It was never released, as LT Studios and Argonaut went under before the project could be finished, but YouTuber Modern Vintage Gamer or MVG has recently been able to uncover gameplay from a prototype of Crash vs Spyro Racing.

This isn’t the first time this game was discovered, as MVG points to an Italian article that spotted it last year. But it is the first time we’ve seen gameplay like this.

His video showcases what he calls a small “vertical” of the game, that he found on an old original Xbox dev kit or XDK, along with a video that looks like it would be the video you’d watch before loading into the menu.

It’s always incredible to think about the games that could’ve been, and to especially see part of it. The gameplay doesn’t show anything that looks to be changing the wheel so to speak with arcade racing, but a final game could’ve really been interesting to see.

Source – [ModernVintageGamer]

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