Sony’s PlayStation Showcase Is One Of Its Most Viewed Events Ever, With A Peak Viewership Of 2.67 Million People

Wednesday’s PlayStation Showcase may not have had everything players wanted to see, with notable absences from teams like Naughty Dog, but despite that and how well or poorly you may think it did, it definitely hit huge viewership numbers.

Steamcharts reports that the showcase hit a peak viewership of 2.67 million viewers, making it one of the most watched showcase events ever for PlayStation.

According to Gamesight, the showcase reached its peak on Twitch when Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 gameplay was being shown, and had been on the rise since the reveal of Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater Delta.

Impressive numbers for a showcase that was already predicted to be the talk of the town so to speak once it went live.

However there are plenty more showcases still to come during this not-E3-but still E3 season, and its always possible that announcements yet to come will blow PlayStation’s Showcase right out of the conversation.

Source – [Steamcharts, Gamesight]

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