Aww, Starfield players are making the dinkiest little ships

Starfield‘s community keeps getting smarter with their ship builds—we’ve had AI-exploiting nightmares made of corners, ladderless flat discs, and some sci-fi classics. But what about the little guys of the universe—pilots who don’t want some big, fancy warship with 500 autocannons?

That’s exactly who these players are repping. The tiny ship trend’s here to stay—well, sort of. Cute as these spacefaring bugs may be, most don’t have much room for cargo without mods. Still, I’m tempted to cobble one of these together for my fleet. The first comes from user MotoGSX of the Starfieldships subreddit, who crafted a ship called PeeWee.

A tiny ship named PeeWee from r/StarfieldShips

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