The Crew Motorfest Review – Honest Impressions Before You Buy

The Crew Motorfest will let you enjoy the best experiences car culture has to offer, by transporting you to the beautiful island of O’ahu, Hawaii. Join high-speed street races through the bustling city of Honolulu, test your skills off-road on the ashy slopes of a volcano, or master the perfect turns on the tracks. Take part in an ever-changing program of activities: discover new outlooks on car culture through a selection of short thematic campaigns, intense driving races and various competitive live events. Collect hundreds of iconic cars from the past, present and future. At launch and beyond, The Crew™ Motorfest will always offer plenty of opportunities to show of your skills, your style, and leave your mark on the history of the festival.

DISCLAIMER: All footage in this review video was captured during the Open Beta, and What’s New Video Games did not receive a review code for the game; therefore NO REVIEW EMBARGO WAS VIOLATED THROUGH THE PUBLISHING OF THIS VIDEO.

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