Infinite Guitars Fuses Rock, Role-Playing, Rhythm, and Robots


  • Infinite Guitars is out today! Pick it up for Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S, plus it’s included with Game Pass.
  • Developed by Nikko Nikko, Infinite Guitars is an anime-inspired rhythm role-playing game with a blazing original soundtrack.
  • Gather up a party, tune up your electric guitars, and get ready to battle the metal war machines!

In a world devastated by a war against colossal, monstrous Mechs, a scavenger named JJ searches through the scrap to survive. But humanity’s grim future looks even grimmer when the war machines start powering back up – and only JJ’s electric guitar can turn their technology against them in Infinite Guitars, out today on Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S, plus it’s included with Game Pass!

Crafted by indie developer Nikko Nikko, Infinite Guitars is a creative fusion of founder Nikko Ronsayo and his collaborators’ passions – making music, playing guitar, getting lost in great RPGs, and animating rad anime-inspired fight sequences. Infinite Guitars grinds up these elements into a genre-melting game with personality, heart, and bombastic indie spirit.

Infinite Guitars

Rhythm is everywhere in the world of Infinite Guitars. In battles, you strum, smash, and hold notes to try to achieve 100% perfect sync and max out your damage. (And hey, sometimes just smacking Mechs with your guitar real hard does the trick.) The Mechs are merciless, assaulting you even as you explore the overworld, so you’ll need to time dodges as you traverse the planet or to sneak in to trigger an over-the-top boss fight.

Luckily JJ doesn’t have to handle all of this solo. While JJ grew up a loner (and intended to scour the wasteland that way), JJ soon assembles a party of guitar heroes – fellow wastelanders with their own strengths and distinctive abilities – to help save the world. Together they can perform duets, amp up each other’s skills, and take their Mech-crushing skills to new levels.

Infinite Guitars

Gold-hearted Sam spent childhood as a thief, but her compassion still shines through – now her scrap-crafted arms give new meaning to the term power chord. Kaylee once took down a Colossal-Type Mech solo as a kid, and ever since people have been singing her praises (but only Kaylee knows the real truth behind this rock legend). And reliable Ru carries the weight of the wasteland on her shoulders – but even the most rock-solid foundation can crack under a mountain of mechanized metal.

All of this metal-crushing rhythmic role-playing is set to the tune of a 100% original soundtrack that’ll have you amped up for more Mech-fighting, composed and performed by Nikko and a diverse crew of guest musicians.

So crank up the volume, and get ready for the ultimate showdown against the War Mechs in Infinite Guitars!

Infinite Guitars

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Infinite Guitars

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“In a world shredded by the devastating war against the Mechs, the remnants of humanity scavenge and fight to survive. Now, the metal war machines have reawakened—and only your electric guitar can turn their technology against them!

Gather up the party, tune up your favorite axe, and get ready to rock in Infinite Guitars, a genre-melting rhythm RPG featuring vibrant anime-inspired art, adrenaline-fueled Mech battles, and a blazing original soundtrack.

Role-playing rhythm
Amp up your skills and test your reflexes in rock duels that mix elements of turn-based role-playing, action, and rhythm games.

Electrifying anime-inspired adventure
Explore a stylish sci-fi world filled with Colossal-Type Mechs, guitar-wielding heroes, and over-the-top attacks.

Guitar-driven team battles
Perform metal-crushing solos and devastating duets as JJ, Sam, Kaylee, and Ru—a scrappy team of wastelanders with their own strengths and abilities.

Rage against the Mechs
Unleash the full force of your skills in epic boss battles that fuse electrifying anime-inspired action and hyperkinetic rock.

Explosive 100% original soundtrack
Crank up the volume to steel-shattering levels for the ultimate showdown against the War Mechs!”

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