America's Next Top Model Video Game Preview

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Want to be America’s Next Top Model? Well now you can and I’m dishing the deets, up next.

Hi ClevverTV peeps! I’m Dana Ward in our Beverly Hills studio and it’s time to take that inner supermodel and show off to the world. Because now the official video game from the hit America’s Next Top Model show is here for all to play. Of course, it’s based on the tv format, so the player is one of 10 contestants completing challenges and photoshoots galore and hoping to make it past the weekly cut when 1 by 1, models get the boot and must go home. One of the challenges that we got a sneak-peek of includes walking down the runway. It might seems like an easy thing to put one foot in front of the other, but from what we see in the video game, it’s all about timing and the stage stumbles are almost the norm… until you’re a catwalk diva of course! The cool part about this game is that your model’s relationships with the other contestants, judges and others come into the equation, as the ANTM game is interactive so the storyline you choose to create affects your overall game. Plus, there are a bunch of other cool features, so you can go shopping and customize your clothes, hair and makeup or even wander around an open world environment like the sweet model pad, the city or the mall. But of course, the point of the game is to become America’s Next Top Model, so you better keep your eye on the prize! This video game is rated “E” for everyone, ages 10 and up… And it’s available exclusively on Nintendo DS and Wii. So who’s going to get their walk on, or who’s gonna become the master of the SMEYES?!? You can check this one out as soon as June 1st. I’m Dana Ward. Make sure you come back to for all of your entertainment news and updates. Thanks for watching, bye!

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