Indigenous group demands Final Fantasy 14 remove Far Northern Attire DLC

The Saami Council, a non-governmental organization representing the Sámi people of Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Russia, are calling on Square Enix to remove the Far Northern Attire DLC from Final Fantasy 14. The council’s concern “is not about sensitivity or whether the depiction is appropriate,” it said in a statement (opens in new tab), but rather that the items depicted in the DLC are “Sámi cultural property,” and are infringing upon its rights.

“Our cultural property rights are not theoretical,” Saami Council president Áslat Holmberg said in a statement. “They are protected and protectable under intellectual property laws, which are generally harmonised throughout the world. Square Enix, as a media company, is highly aware of intellectual property laws and has no excuse for this blatant violation of Sámi cultural property.”

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