Baby in Yellow BLACK CAT UPDATE | Full Game Walkthrough | No Commentary

A few months back I recorded and archived the awesome horror game Baby In Yellow. A new update was already teased back then and today it finally came out with its official Steam release. For this video I will focus on the new content of the Black Cat update as more updates will be added in the future and I will eventually archive the game in its entirety when the final update is added.
I am happy to say that this update is by far the best content yet in Baby in Yellow. I already had fun in some of the previous chapters, but this time it feels like a proper story driven adventure game. It still has some creepy and scary moments, but this time we are accompanied by the adorable robot Newt! The animations for this little robot are so good and it was a general joy to have him help me with various puzzles. You can clearly see how much the developers are improving with each update as it gets better and better. I cannot wait to see where the Baby in Yellow will take us next!

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