GTA 3 The Definitive Edition | Gameplay Walkthrough FULL GAME [GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition]

Time to play GTA 3 III Definitive Edition and see what this Remaster is all about!

This game comes from Grand Theft Auto Trilogy The Definitive Edition which was released on November 11 2021 for Xbox Series X Playstation 5 Nintendo Switch and PC Full Game
Intro – 0:00
Give me Liberty: 8:30
Luigi’s Girls: 11:04
Don’t Spank Ma bitch Up: 19:48
Drive Misty For Me: 28:40
Pump-Action Pimp: 35:46
The Fuzz Ball: 41:32
Mike Lips Last Lunch: 48:00
Farewell “Chunky” Lee Chong: 56:20
Van Heist: 59:40
Cipriani’s Chauffeur: 1:14:23
Taking Out The Laundry:1:17:41
Dead Skunk in The Trunk: 1:27:12
The Pick-Up: 1:36:32
Salvatore’s Called A Meeting: 1:45:05
Chaperone: 1:51:03
Triads and Tribulations: 1:59:15
Blow Fish: 2:03:32
The Getaway: 2:08:05
Cutting The Grass: 2:13:39
Bomb Da Base: 2:22:30
Last Requests: 2:31:14
Sayonara Salvatore: 2:38:04
Under Surveillance: 2:45:42
Kanbu Bust-Out: 2:50:49
Grand Theft Auto: 3:02:46
Paparazzi Purge: 3:16:40
Payday For Ray: 3:20:47
Silence The Sneak: 3:26:18
Two-Faced Tanner: 3:29:25
Arms Shortage: 3:35:02
Evidence Dash: 3:43:26
Liberator: 3:45:56
Waka-Gashira Wipeout!: 3:55:50
Gone Fishing: 4:06:34
A Drop In The Ocean: 4:15:12
Grand Theft Aero: 4:21:07
Escort Service: 4:38:51
Plaster Blaster: 5:08:05
Marked Man: 5:15:54
Decoy: 5:36:39
Love’s Disappearance: 5:44:47
Bait: 5:46:52
Espresso-2-Go!: 6:09:01
S.A.M & Ransom: 6:46:56
The Exchange: 6:57:07

Games include Grand Theft Auto 3 Definitive Edition, Grand Theft Auto Vice City Definitive Edition & Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Definitive Edition

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GTA 3 Definitive Edition | Gameplay Walkthrough | [GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition]
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