MASS EFFECT LEGENDARY EDITION PS5 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 22 – Medic Bay

Lets Gooo!! My Name Is LeoTheMvp and I love playing videogames!!! Today Im givng you! Mass Effect which is the story of Commander Shepard, who is essentially a special forces soldier who gets tapped to be the first human to join an inter-species galactic investigative/special projects team called the Spectres. To save Humanity from evil alien species. I’ve played this before but wanted to go back to it and I never played the DLC’s before so lets go y’all Shepard was born to do this!!!

These are Timestamps!!!!
0:00 Medic Bay
5:00 Dr. Zen
8:00 Han (Little Dude)
14:00 The Cure

Man Hit That Subscribe Button!!!Hope You Enjoy!!Also Would Like Too Give a Shout Out To the Creators who made the game!!!#gaming #walkthroughs #masseffectlegendaryedition #masseffect #videogames #gamerboy #walkthroughs #gamer #janeshepard

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