Dive into Relaxation with Placid Plastic Duck Simulator, Out Now on Xbox

Placid Plastic Duck Simulator is an innovative and whimsical project that takes a unique approach to gameplay. Prepare to be immersed in a breathtaking 3D environment where you’ll find yourself surrounded by rubber duckies, romantic sunsets, unexpected visitors, and chill music (a truly aesthetic experience if you are a vaporwave aficionado).

But let me explain all of that in greater detail since you are probably wondering: What do I have to do in Placid Plastic Duck Simulator? Well, it’s very simple: Nothing! In PPDS, you create your own narrative as you collect all 101 different ducks and watch them interact with each other and the environment. Some ducks even have unique actions, so get ready to be surprised by the occasional troublemaker.

As a rubber duck, you have zero responsibilities, and you are not required to learn any skills (except for patience). Sit back, relax, and embrace your role as a powerless witness. The nostalgic melodies emanating from the radio will transport you to a place of pure comfort. Observe an airplane soaring across the expansive blue sky, whisking away to unknown destinations. There’s an abundance of activities to engage in, but for now, it’s all about embracing tranquility with the ducks, for true joy lies in the company you keep.

Dive into Relaxation with Placid Plastic Duck Simulator, Out Now on Xbox

As your collection grows, you are able to give names to your duckies, which might or might not reflect their personality, for that additional comic touch. Some of their special abilities are linked to a specific time of the day, which is one of the reasons why the game has a day and night cycle (the other reason is purely aesthetic). Also, you can make every duck quack if you want, and some of them have special quacks, naturally.

The game also offers two different settings, so you can choose if you feel like having some waterfront relaxation in the summertime, or rather a cozy blanket-warm unwinding while it’s snowy outside. Picture yourself nestled by the fireplace as the sun sets, enveloped in peaceful melodies that create a sanctuary for your soul. Outside the window, the occasional snowfall adds a touch of magic to the atmosphere. Now you are basking on a tropical island amidst the vast expanse of a tranquil sea, where extraordinary things await those with the patience to uncover them. In the world of Placid Plastic Duck Simulator, time moves slowly, allowing you to truly savor the beauty that surrounds you.

PPDS screenshot

After the success it had during its first year as a PC game, where it gathered an unbelievable amount of positive reviews from all kinds of players, Placid Plastic Duck Simulator finally arrives on Xbox! The date is June 27th, so get ready to embark on a quacktastic journey.

PPDS duck with shades

The cutest rubber ducks are waiting for you this summer.

Placid Plastic Duck Simulator

Xbox Live

Placid Plastic Duck Simulator

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A relaxing 3D environment where you experience life as a rubber duck, Placid Plastic Duck Simulator is an experiment to induce calm and bliss. You’re up for a reinvigorating stay at your favorite seaside pool. Or mountain pool, if you prefer the snow.

You are not alone. More than 100 different ducks will slowly and happily fall into the pool with you, each with their own style and demeanor.

Float on the water, sunbathe, dip your beak, go down the slide. The radio is playing a nostalgic tune.
Here comes the night. Look at the stars. Turn off the radio, listen to the waves in the dark. Dream.
The sun is rising. The sky is blue. Slide down into the second pool.
An airplane is rushing somewhere, there’s stuff to do.

Not for you.

Live in the present moment, enjoy life.

Everything is going to be alright.

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